Monthly Meeting Minutes:

To the Women's Baseball Community,

I will endeavour to improve the levels of communication between the Standing Committee, Clubs and the community. One of these steps will be to increase the level transparency on how decisions are made and how your game and competition is being managed at present and into the future. To this effect it was agreed by past SC to publish the meeting minutes on our web site under (Documents- Standing Committee) which will be continued, this will give everybody a chance to see what is happening and where things are heading and hopefully engourage more people to get involved with the running of our game. These tasks are carried out by volunteers who have no other interest than to make sure the our game succeeds into the future. Inputs from club coaches and players on rules and policies and the general running of the competition would give us an insite into how you want your game to progress, we are all about the game so why not have your input too help it progress.

If you are interested in getting involved please come along to our monthly meetings they are held on the 2nd Thursday of every month with the time and venue posted on our home page or at the end of the meeting minutes.

Yours in Baseball

Nick Sardelich